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ESV Journaling Bible


For Christmas in 2014, my husband gave me the ESV Journaling Bible. I had fallen in love with it one night while we were meandering through Mardel.

Tracy, a friend of mine, had recently gotten into something called Illustrated Faith. It’s where you draw, paint, write, etc. inside your Bible. I was intrigued.

But . . . I never did anything with it.

I carried it with me. I read out of it. But, I didn’t journal inside of it.

Until after my Dad passed away.

Then, journaling became the only time each day I felt any kind of peace. I would play music, look up passages dealing with grief, pick up my paintbrush and pray.

It’s hard to describe the feeling that would come over me. God was speaking to me through His still small voice.

Now, as the fog is clearing, I look at this Bible and pray it means something to my children when I’m gone. Just as my Dad’s Bible means something to me.

If you’re in the market for a new Bible and journaling is something that interests you, I can’t recommend this Bible enough. It’s beautiful.



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