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Boys are the Sweetest


Late yesterday afternoon, my two younger boys asked if I had a little extra time. Honestly, I felt like I didn’t. It had been a typical busy day and I had a busy night ahead, but I said, “Yes!”

When they were ready, they told me to come into the great room. They were both wearing suit jackets and ties. Seriously . . . SO ADORABLE.

They held a church service where they traded off preaching and served communion. After the closing prayer (which was precious and heartfelt) they announced that immediately following the service there was a dance. One of the boys had found a record called Waltz Songs for Moms and Dads. They took turns dancing with me around the room. And then they served apple sauce.

I’m so glad I said, “Yes!” I’m so glad I stopped for twenty minutes. Boys are the sweetest.

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