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Future LEGO Designer Turns Ten

Like a lot of boys, my second born son loves LEGOs.

If he isn’t working on school, playing outside or doing chores, he’s sitting at the table creating masterpieces with his LEGOs. He’ll literally spend hours coming up with new designs.

I had noticed lots of LEGO party ideas floating around the internet and thought it would be the perfect theme for his tenth birthday.

The party was a huge hit!

He told me over and over again how it was the best birthday party he had ever had.

The goodies bags were each filled with one LEGO mini-figure, a LEGO coloring book, a thank you card, and two LEGO marshmallow pops.

The LEGO marshmallow pops turned out really cute and took less than 30 minutes to throw together from start to finish. I only did one kind of face on all of them.

Does that qualify as efficient or just lazy? ::wink::

Each of the boys received his own LEGO racer to build. They were pretty excited about building their own race cars.

We did a few rounds of LEGO toss.

They tried hard for the 20 circle, but it remained elusive for all except one.

Next up, was the straw game. I threw a bunch of LEGO pieces onto the table and each boy had a plate and a straw. They tried to see how many LEGO pieces they could suck up with their straws and put on their plates.

The bigger pieces provided the most challenge and were fun for me to watch them struggle with.

Something I’ve learned about boys and playtime together, food is far down on their list of exciting things.

I’ve never quite understood that. Food is way up there for me. ::wink::

It was a great day.

Made even better by the fact my boy did not once complain about the ugliness of his birthday cake.

In fact, he told me it was the coolest cake ever.

I love that boy!

I have links throughout the entire post for all the ideas I found, but the links can be somewhat hard to see. I’ll list them all out here to make it easier.

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